People Vault

Brand Design / Strategy / Brand Guidelines / Illustration / Art Direction / Graphic Design 

— Brief

The People Vault is an HR consultancy founded by Danielle Silvestro. They work with founders of startups and SMEs to build and retain A-teams and to develop world class people practices.

— Solution

‘The People Vault’ is named for the idea that People are our most valuable resource. I developed a visual identity around this concept with treasure maps, keys and locks an integral part of the aesthetic. As a nod to her previous branding we kept the Sphinx as the brand mascot, a mystical spirit guide that assists founders on their quest to achieve their goals.

“Jackie was brilliant to work with from start to finish! She really took the time to understand what I needed and produced amazing work that I’m really proud of and can’t wait to use. Will definitely work with her again. Thank you Jackie!”

Danielle Silvestro