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Black and white bludge logo

— Client

Kirsty McKewan brought me on board to help her launch a new independent, online wine shop – Bludge! With a background in marketing and hilarious copywriting skills, she had tonnes of brilliant ideas, which I brought to life with a brand and e-commerce site.

Her mission statement is to take the mystery out of wine and make it accessible for everyone – breaking down barriers in a male dominated industry – and targeting a younger generation of wine drinker.

— Brief

As a small indie start-up, any budget for ongoing design work was not on the cards, so she needed a kick-ass brand with strong guidelines so she could feel confident creating marketing content herself.

Visually, Kirsty wanted the brand to look like the Rugrats had grown up and now drink wine! With the current Gen Z penchant for all things 90s, it was the perfect fit!

— Solution

To make the brand super flexible and use-able, I created various colourways and lock-ups for the logo with supporting motifs and a library of illustrations, patterns and animations. These assets act as a pick ‘n’ mix for Kirsty to create her own super fun marketing content that is consistently on brand.

For the primary logo I chose a wobbly font, to emulate the woozy vibe you get when you have a tipple and created an animated version, that looks like the logo is dancing. I incorporated star motifs, as a nod to boozy cartoon characters. The circular version of the logo borrows its shape from the dimpled bottom of a wine bottle.

The colour palette consists of Rugrats inspired pastels, with burgundy replacing the cartoon black outline, adding warmth to the brand and aligning it ever so slightly with more traditional wine branding.

Bludge tote bag
animation of a smiley face with wobbly eyes and mouth