The Smart Living Concept

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Smart living logo design black and white colourway - Origami bird with text - THE SMART LIVING CONCEPT

— Client

I had the pleasure of working with professional organiser – Gemma Graham, who approached me to design a logo and develop a brand for her new business venture, The Smart Living Concept. 

Based on the philosophy of Marie Kondo, The Smart Living Concept is a life-coaching service that helps people to declutter, organise and maintain their homes and lives.

— Brief

Gemma wanted to create a contemporary, sophisticated identity that aligns to her zen values. With ambitions to grow the business into a lifestyle brand – selling merchandise as an additional revenue stream – she needed a signature style that would look consistent across her products and appeal to her mostly female target audience.

— Solution

Inspiration for the identity came in the unlikely world of birds’ mating rituals. Male Bowerbirds build a beautiful nest to attract female favour, using brightly coloured rubbish in their elaborate designs. I loved the idea that even birds’ lives are improved by keeping a tidy, organised home and felt like the Bowerbird was the perfect mascot for the brand.

I used an Origami bird motif to represent this concept. Origami – the Japanese art of paper folding – requires planning and precision, which neatly showcases Gemma’s values and is also a nice nod to the KonMari culture.

The sophisticated, feminine colour palette and clean geometric patterns elevate the identity to a marketable lifestyle brand.

This logo was featured in The Best Abstract Logo Designs by DesignRush.